Distinguished Speakers for the Event


We have finally confirmed the speaker list after going through twenty over people who wanted to speak on that day.

I have tried my best to see everyone personally who have written in wanting to speak on that day  as I felt that this is respectful of their earnest desire.

We now have confirmed  Mr Lee Kah Jing – acturist, Mr Cradius Tan – medical technolist, Samantha Chia – event co-ordinator, Mr Nizam – lawyer  and  Sem Teo – banking executive as part  of   the 12-strong speaking contingent.

Ordinary Singaporeans  speaking

Most of these speakers  are ordinary Singaporeans who want their voice to be heard on the population white paper and they will be stepping out on to the green grass of Hong Lim Park for the first tiime  –  I am sure that it will be a very poignant moment for them as well.

They are  not solid eloquent speakers like Nicole Seah but I felt that they have a strong message to bring across to the country  and more importantly they will speak from their heart from what I have found after talking to them for an hour or two individually.

I realise that those who come forward to speak are ordinary Singaporeans who love their country  alot and I have to control my emotions a few times when I heard of how they felt increasingly frustrated by the policies of our government.

Many  are sadly   looking at emigration to get out of the country in search of a greener pasture abroad and I don’t blame them one bit for  doing that given the circumstances we are in right now.

Other speaakers

Mr Tan Jee Say,  Mr Tan Kin Lian, Mr Vincent Wijey, Mr Leong Sze Hian, Mr Ravi Philemon, Ms Jeannette Chong, and  Mr Kumaran Pillay  are among the other prominent speakers for the event.

Each of them will be given ten minutes to speak so that everyone will have their chance to express their views equally.

On that day, every speaker  is a Singaporean regardless of political party affiliation, race, profession  or religion.

We also want to emphasize the message of unity on that day as  I feel that Singaporeans are basically disunited, fragmented and very much fighting their own personal battle alone.

Hopefully, the event can unite Singaporeans together as one powerul voice in peaceful protest against the population white paper.

Someone is also singing on that day and it promises to be an occasion not to be missed by all Singaporeans.

I have a hard time rejecting alot of professional people who want to be part of the peaceful mass protest on 16th Feb at 4pm at Hong Lim Park.

We  are also hearing  the concerns of many people when they heard that politicians are speaking and have tried our best to include common people so that the event does not look like a opposition rally.

Politcians have their part to play in local politics but this is a Singapore-first event and I have ask them to speak mainly on a personal capacity as  a Singaporean than a politican.

So far, we have close to 4000 people indicating on the event facebook page that they may want to turn up for the event and hopefully most of them will honour their commitment.

For all we know, this event may turn out to be the largest post-independence protest in history as so far only Mr Tan Kin Lian’s minibond event has managed to garner more than a thousand people protesting against the  loss of investment money few years back.

I hope that Singaporeans will turn out in full force to protest peacefully against the  damaging anti-Singapore population white paper.

We also want you to draw out your own placards and protest banners and wave them around so that your voice will be hard loud and clear.

It is legal to have protest banners and placards in Hong Lim Park.

Amazing, the foreign press has being most supportive of our event and so far Bloomberg, AFP, CNN, ABC news, Reuters and Yahoo have all indicated their interest to cover the event on that historic day.

I am sure that our local press will also turn out on that day to cover the historic occasion.

Someone is also volunteering to paint the 6.9 million logo on the faces of children and adults and she has generously donatedd all the proceeds to offset the cost of the event organisation – thanks Mee Lee!

She will be decorating the whole Hong Lim Park with balloons and hopefully this will soften the tense message that we are trying to send out to the government.

We are also planning to carry out livestreaming for the event so that 200, 000 overseas Singaporeans  can watch it live in whatever part of  the world they are in – we hope that the event will bring back fond memories of a Singapore you have miss while you are staying abroad.

We have also forwarded our event half an hour earlier so it will start at 4 pm instead of 4.30pm and it will end at 7 pm insteed of 6.30pm due to the sheer number of speakers and programmes involved.

The tentative programme is listed as follows:

Time                          Programme

1.30pm                       Arrival of key co-ordinators

2.00 pm                     Arrival of volunteers

2.30 pm                     Sales of 6.9 million tee shirts – one person to buy one only

3.00 pm                     Arrival of speakers

4.00 pm                     Start of event – led by Mr Kwan who will be our MC

4.05 pm                     First speaker to sixth speaker

5.15 pm                      Performance – singer

5.20 pm                     Saying of pledge

5.25 pm                     Seventh speaker to twelve speaker

6.45 pm                     National anthem and closing of event

7.00 pm                     Press  conference on site

The event promises to be historic and I am sure many Singaporeans will be stepping into Hong Lim Park for  the first time – many want to be part of the evolving change process here.

Come out Singapore and don’t miss being part of the change for our country!

We need you!

Written by: Gilbert Goh

Transitioning has applied for the speaking permit at Speakers’ Corner on 16th Feb from NParks and managed to get the permit SP-05022013-1 dated 5 Feb 2013 so Singaporeans just come out and unite together to save ourselves! Say NO to 6.9 million population! This event is also not targetting against foreigners but more on the policy of the population boost. Please email me at gilbert@transitioning.org if you have further enquiries on the protest event on 16th Feb at 4.00pm. If you want to contribute to our event expenses, please let me know also. Gilbert Goh


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